Design Services

Design Services

Custom orders for your own mini world!

Anything you can dream up, we love a challenge! 

Examples of orders we fulfill:

  • Terrain landscapes
  • Rocks and accessories
  • Minis
  • Business logo cards and accessories
  • Designs
  • Jewelry
  • Holiday ornaments, Halloween frights, cosplay accessories and event pieces
  • Printing services 

Send us a message for a quote on pricing and processing times in the chat below!

We maintain a hands-on approach, providing as much input and status update as you request so that your vision is preserved every step of the way.

Click here to message us on Facebook  @manyminiworlds!

Or feel free to email us any time at 

If you are in the North Alabama area we also have the option to place orders for pickup or delivery. 

3D Design Services Free Quote

3D Design Services Free Quote

We do 3D design and modeling for anything you can imagine! Please send us a message at any time for ..

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