Here's what some people are saying about us!

Custom Minis, Prints, and Printing Services

     "Very impressed! I ordered a custom mini and the details all came through perfectly! Even the jewelry and tiny buckles are pristine. I wanted to paint my mini but they were kind enough to prime it for me with Vallejo grey primer for me, good coverage and no pock marks or powdering in the primer like you see in wiz kids pre primed minis. Will definitely be ordering again for my next player character or important npc!"

- Hank 02/10/2019 

"Had two very nice lunch guests. I would like to thank Manymini worlds for sending them to me! If you guys are looking for 3d printed minis of fine quality you should give them a shout."  - Harveys699 30/08/2019

"I have had many custom minis printed, always good quality and quick service" 
- Ely McClellan 07/08/2019

"A specific musical instrument mini replica was printed for me and the detail was stunning. I really didn't expect that result, such detail and accuracy. I would highly recommend MMW for custom printing if you have a need."  - Mason 27/09/2019

"Wow! I love it! I've never ordered anything 3D printed and was a little skeptical on how it would turn out but Many Mini Worlds blew my mind and this is now displayed prominently on my desk at home."  - Bryan 23/09/2019 

"I am painting a custom 3d printed resin mini for @gwenascha on Instagram. I also got a few goodies for myself (a 6" custom print piece and two 28mm minis) from them and am very impressed with the quality of the print. I'm especially honored that my first commission job is a player character in a long running campaign, I hope to learn more about the character as I paint her! " - Wilpaintsminis 17/09/2019

Terrain Sets


"Ordered this for Dungeons and Dragons and have had a lot of fun with it. Was impressed with willing to work with custom requests and the quality! Thanks!"  

- Ginjer Clarke 26/06/2019



"Immediate delivery and exactly what I imagined. Appreciation for all of the extra gifts included, wooden barrels and crates, tables and chairs, inspiration tokens, discount on future purchases, and was a completed order within five minutes of my submission"  - Guest 29/06/2019

"Super awesome terrain. Thank you for the extra rocks too!!"  - Kim O. 07/03/2019

Crafting Supplies

"Lovely bricks. Fast shipping. Thanks!"  - Andrew C. 11/09/2019